About Us

Jewelry, Tradition & Quality

Hello! My name is Karina owner and founder of Zafiro

Welcome to Zafiro Jewellers by JK - a collection house of minimalist, modern, chic and timeless styles from different parts of the world.

We are a family owned business with more than 20 years’ experience with store in Nicaragua and now creating our first online store & soon our Brick & Motor out of Fort Worth, Texas. I moved back to the United States and began working for the airline industry. The idea of opening an online store came to mind because travelling and jewellery are my 2 passions.

Zafiro represents a brand of jewelry that can withstand everyday normal wear to promote slow fashion lifestyle and minimize our footprint. We focus on creating and handpicking jewelry that is high quality, but easily accessible. We want to help you feel confident and elevate your daily look with pieces that will turn heads from day to night.

Our Precious metals vary from Sterling Silver 925, 10/14KT Gold, Gold Filled 14KT, and handmade artisan pieces made with the highest quality.

We will invite you to an unforgettable journey. Most pieces are distinctive, adventurous, and will leave a long-lasting impression to friends and family. Come visit us and travel the world thru our jewelry!